Spy GSM Box Earpiece Set

Spy GSM Box Earpiece Set


4 Watt Audio Power
3 – 4 Hour Battery Life
Color Options Skin & Black

1 Year Warranty (except physical & water damage or due to negligence)

Minimum Oder – 1
Free Shipping

Working Principle of Spy GSM Box Earpiece

  • The new GSM box is build-in dual band GSM module which can works in GSM900MHz and GSM1800MHz mobile phone networks.
  • After insert GSM sim card and turn on power, it automatically pick-up Telephone or mobile phone calls, and transfer audio signals to earpiece.
  • The powerful inductive coil can drive earpieces within 40cm.
  • The 35dB top sensitive microphone ensures partner can hear your Whisper voices. MUTE button helps to get rid of earpiece detectors.

Specification of Spy GSM Box Earpiece

Mobile Network & Frequency GSM: 900 MHz, GSM: 1800MHz
Audio Power 4 Watt
Transmission Distance 50 CM
Battery Type 3.7V 900Mah
Full Recharge 4 Hours
Battery Life 3~4 Hours (Depends on Volume)
Color Skin or Black
Measurements 57 x 37 x 17 mm (Gram)
Packaging Black Box with Blister

How to Recharge and Active Spy GSM Box Earpiece:

  • Before use the GSM box, please recharge for a few seconds to active the battery.
The Red light will turn on while recharge.
Full recharge takes about 4 hours. After full recharged, the red light will turn off.
You can recharge the battery while in phone conversation
  • How to Load Sim Card in Spy GSM Box Earpiece:
  • Please use regular SIM card (size 15x25mm). Make sure the pins down.
Can not support new MINI SIM cards.
  • How to Turn On / Off Spy GSM Box Earpiece:
    • Press “Power” button and hold for 5 seconds, Blue light will flash 4 times, and able to hear “ding…ding…” alarm sounds in wireless earpiece.
    • Click the “Reset” button will turn off power immediately even its in the phone conversation status.
    • Battery life is 3-4 hours talking time.
    • The “Reset” button is as flat as the housing.
    • It ensures user will not push the “reset” by mistake.

    How to MUTE Spy GSM Box Earpiece:

In order to avoid been detected by inductive detectors, you can push MUTE button to cut off audio output.
After pushed Mute button, the phone conversation will keep online, you can speak to partner but can not hear.
Push the MUTE button again will reactive audio output.
Mute button is invalid in power off status.

    OPERATIONS of Spy GSM Box Earpiece:

    • Turn on power:- Press “Power” button and hold 5 seconds
    • Turn off power:- 1) Press and hold “Power” for 5 seconds 2) Press “Reset” button
    • Stop audio output:- Press “Mute” button in phone power on status.
    • Receive a call:- Auto answer

    INDICATORS of Spy GSM Box Earpiece:

    • Flash Blue:- Turning on or off power
    • Stay in Red:- Recharging power
    • Stay in Green:- In phone conversation
    • No indicator:- In power on or power off status. Press “reset” and turn on power.

    Troubleshooting Spy GSM Box Earpiece :

    Why is not able to turn on power and no blue light?
    Because the battery is inactive. To active the battery need to recharge the power for a few seconds. If Red indicator turns on, it means battery is activated and ready for work.

    Have turn on the power but can not pickup phone call?

    • Please ensure the SIM card supports GSM900 and GSM1800 networks.
    • Please connect to power adaptor and recharge for 4 hours. If battery power is low, can not pickup phone calls.
    • Please check if your country have special rules on the IMEI number. Then contact our agent or contact our sales team.

    Its in phone conversation, have green light, but can not hear anything.

    • Please press the “Mute” button to restore the audio output function.

    The volume is too low that can not hear clearly.

    • Please put GSM box within 50cm to wireless earpiece. If the distance is more than 50cm the earpiece can not pickup strong signal.

    The volume is too loud, how to reduce the volume?

    • GSM box maxed audio power and not able to change the volume. Please put GSM box in further distance to earpiece to get clear and comfortable sounds.