Spy Bluetooth Tabiz Nano Earpiece

Spy Bluetooth Tabiz Nano Earpiece


Completely invisible when wear in ear canal.
Skin and black colors option.
5-6 hours battery life support.

1 Year Warranty (except physical & water damage or due to negligence)

Minimum Oder – 1
Free Shipping

Description :

The Spy Bluetooth Tabiz or Taviz or Taweez earpiece set is hidden covert communication device useful in secrete communication or getting secrete assistance where physical communication via cell phone is not possible. The Spy Bluetooth Tabiz is a like normal traditional religious Tabiz which is totally concealed and hidden.

How it works ?

The Spy Bluetooth Tabiz or Taviz or Taweez Earpiece Hidden communication device has a built in Bluetooth receiver and a high gain microphone. It requires three main devices for having covert communication with your partner.

  • Bluetooth Enabled Cell phone for communication
  • Spy Bluetooth Tabiz
  • Spy Bluetooth Earpiece


The hidden Bluetooth chip in the spy Bluetooth Tabiz is enabled (Powered ON) and paired with the cell phone via Bluetooth search. (Note: Once the Spy Bluetooth Banyan is paired with the cell phone it is not visible in other cell phones when searched)


The Spy Earpiece is powered by inserting a tiny battery SR416SW which is wrist watch battery.


The Spy Bluetooth Tabiz is a normal traditional religious tabiz or taviz or taweez which has a hidden Bluetooth Chip and a high gain microphone in it and it needs to worn on the body and a earpiece goes deep into your ear canal. The Spy Bluetooth tabiz is a hidden Bluetooth Receiver which receives voice communication from the cell phone and transmits it to the wireless earpiece and has a dedicated ON/OFF Call Receive/Disconnect Button. Anybody calling on the cell phone which is paired with the device you will get a hidden ring in your earpiece, you can easily answer the call without operating the cell phone via the dedicated buttons in the Spy tabiz or taviz or taweez.


The cell phone can be kept at an maximum distance of 10 meters (30feet). The battery backup of the spy device is about 6hrs talk time.

  • Looks like traditional religious Tabiz or taviz or taweez
  • Earpiece is completely invisible
  • Maximum distance between cell phone and Spy Bluetooth Device is 10meters (30 Feet)
  • Dedicated ON/OFF Call receive/Disconnect Buttons is the device
  • High Gain microphone for transmission of smallest of the small whispers