Spy Bluetooth Calculator Earpiece

Spy Bluetooth Calculator Earpiece


Long Range connectivity upto 50 Cm
Auto Answer Programmed
Backup of 4hrs

1 Year Warranty (except physical & water damage or due to negligence)

Minimum Oder – 1
Free Shipping

Description :

Spy Scientific Calculator with micro earpiece in Bangalore from ” Spy Store”, is a new product for 2014 which does not require the use of cell phone at all. All you need to do is insert sim card in the Calculator & power ON the calculator that is it, and you are on the go to communicate with your partner covertly, The kit inside is able to auto receive all the calls, so you need worry about answering the call, Distance between scientific calculator and earpiece is more than 50 Cm. Backup is 4hrs, Charging time is 1.15min.

Key features :
  • No need of cell phone for communication
  • Long Range connectivity upto 50 Cm.
  • Backup of 4hrs
  • No need of Answering the Call
  • Auto Answer Programmed